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Posted on October 26, 2018 under Nakisa SLAN

Written by:
Ashish Khandelwal
SAP Nakisa Consultant


SLAN (SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa) is a JAVA application hosted on Tomcat Webserver. System Configuration in SLAN requires the fields to be mapped from SAP. Sync in SLAN from SAP refers to pulling out the data from SAP without having to do a manual configuration in SLAN. Fields such as Cost Centers, Cost Center Details, GL Accounts, GL Account Details, Exchange Rate etc. are generally synced as per the company codes directly from SAP

SLAN Integration with SAP

slan sync_1

Sync Setting in SLAN from SAP:

Manager.html -> Settings -> SAP Sync Settings

slan sync_2


Turn on the required settings and click on 'Save'. Go to the system sync click the 'Sync' button:


slan sync_3


The system will then show that it is in sync with SAP:

slan sync_4



When thousands of records are being synced from SAP into the SLAN module, the system may freeze up. This will hang up all the current processes in SLAN and the application will stop responding. The RFC traces will show the Details of the process in Sync, but not finishing.

 slan sync_5


Similar Problems can arise during the GL accounts and other settings as well.


Fixing the Problem

When the system hangs and a task is required to be killed, the following steps are required to be performed

  1. Open the Task Manager by logging in to the manager console of SLAN
  2. Manager.html → Settings → Task Manager Status:

    slan sync_6

  3. Click on the Queue name and click on 'tasks in Queue'. Select the ID from the tasks name:

    slan sync_7.png
  4. Go to the tasks folder on the Tomcat server and delete the folder with the same ID name. This will kill a running job:

    slan sync_8

  5. Restart the Tomcat Server and Queue Manager. The system will start working again and tasks will be killed.


Oct 26, 2018 12:13:57 PM / by Ashish Khandelwal

Ashish Khandelwal

Written by Ashish Khandelwal

Ashish graduated from University of Texas (Dallas) with his Master's degree in IT Management, and went on to join Comerit as an SAP/SLAN Consultant. With expertise in data analysis & business intelligence tools, data mining & warehousing, dashboard reporting, and project management, Ashish continues to grow his skill sets as an integral part of Comerit's technical SLAN team.

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