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Posted on November 21, 2018 under Nakisa SLAN

Written by:
Fernando Ibarra Avila
Sr SAP BI Associate


SLAN is a Java-based web application that allows for Lease Administration by working directly with the SAP system.  Essentially an extension of SAP ECC, SLAN allows users to toggle between the Nakisa user interface to the SAP GUI with just a few clicks. This blog post will detail the configuration steps required to toggle between both interfaces as well as sending parameters from SLAN to the SAP GUI. 

Before we look at the required configuration, it is important to note what we hope to accomplish.  SLAN enables users to post leases to GL accounts within SAP.  After posting, users can view posting details as follows:


Notice the icon next to the Document Number. That icon is a link to the SAP system and the ERP Posted Document. When selected, a new tab in SLAN will open, going to that document within SAP. Of course, as part of any security model, logging into the SAP system is also required. Once logged in, though, the new tab will look like the following:


Users can also perform a similar task by displaying the Asset Master data:


Now, in order to set this up, the ExternalURL needs to be configured. This configuration option can be found in the Admin Console under Master Data Configuration > System Config > System > ExternalURL as seen below:



When selecting the ExternalURL option, you will see place holders. For SAP Document, the placeholder is the following:



In order to utilize our SAP system, we need to change the [http://finq8s:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-client=300&sap-language=langkey] portion of the link and replace it with the URL that we create on the SAP side.

To accomplish this, login to the SAP system and navigate to TCode SICF as seen below:


After clicking Execute, your screen should display the following:


Navigate to default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/ and create a new Sub-Element. Give the new service an instance name, then enter the following information for configuration:

Description: Nakisa ITS for HTML

Once this is complete, your screen should look similar to the following:


Select the GUI Configuration button and enter the following Parameters:

~THEME: saptradeshow_plus


Commit those changes and navigate to the Logon Data Tab. Keep the default configuration and click the Handler List tab. Enter CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS as the first handler as seen below:


Keep the Error Pages configuration tab as default. Commit the newly created object and make sure that it's activated. 

This will, in turn, generate a new URL for the SAP system.  It should look like the following: 


We use the URL and replace the dummy variables. See below the comparison:


Dummy URL Link


New URL Link



Once completed, users will be able to toggle to the SAP system from SLAN enabling them to validate their specific posting. 

Notes from Personal Experience:

  • I noticed that it was better to change the dummy URL links that are provided instead of adding a new object and deleting the dummy URL object. You can do this by selecting the object and selecting the Edit button and making the change to URL there. 


  • Another thing to note is that if Chrome is the browser being used then it is possible that users will get the following message:


In order to fix this issue, disable extensions that are installed in Chrome. This error should not appear in Internet Explorer. 

Nov 21, 2018 10:32:45 AM / by Fernando Ibarra Avila

Fernando Ibarra Avila

Written by Fernando Ibarra Avila

Fernando Ibarra Avila is a senior SAP BI Associate who focuses on developing and managing SAP applications. His areas of expertise include SAP HANA modeling, SAP Lumira, SAP BI/BW Reporting, BI Dashboards and modeling, Web Intelligence, and SAP BusinessObjects. Comerit has been lucky to have Fernando as a member of our Charlotte, North Carolina team since 2014.

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