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Intro to using parallel currencies in Nakisa SLAN

Posted on October 24, 2018 under Nakisa SLAN, SAP for Beginners

Written by:Ragini RajSAP Business Analystrraj@comerit.com


An Introduction to Parallel Currencies

Parallel currencies are the currencies that are issued by the state as an official second currency alongside legal tender currency, and can also be designated as legal tender. A parallel currency can be a stable, hard currency (e.g. A foreign currency) that is used alongside a weak, national currency in order to...

Intro to Nakisa SLAN: Upload mass data in the new Lease Accounting solution

Posted on August 06, 2018 under Nakisa SLAN, SAP for Beginners
By: Lilisee Yang Sr. SAP Business Intelligence Associate lyang@comerit.com

IFRS 16 & ASC 842: A quick overview of the new accounting standards

In 2016, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued two new lease accounting standards, IFRS 16 and ASC 842, due to the lack of financial transparency on leases. Their predecessor, IAS 17, required...

SAP Analytics Cloud: Your intro guide to data source connectivity, basic workflows, and more.

Posted on July 19, 2018 under Analytics, Cloud, SAP for Beginners

By: Fernando Ibarra Avila Sr. SAP Business Intelligence Associate favila@comerit.com


Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the many tools in a new wave of products provided by SAP.  While many of our clients are still trying to figure out a use case for Leonardo and block chain technologies in their business, it goes without saying that SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) seems like a straight...

Introduction to Power BI

Posted on April 23, 2018 under SAP BI, SAP for Beginners

Written by:Fernando Ibarra Avilasenior SAP BI Associatefavila@comerit.com 


Over the past couple of months, we have noticed a pickup in interest towards Microsoft’s Power BI tool.  As usual, whenever a client shows interest in a new tool or we see a new trend, we try to incorporate it into our knowledge base for future reference.  More importantly, we analyze tools to see how they can be incorporated into the...

Back to the Basics: What is SAP HANA?

Posted on March 02, 2018 under SAP HANA, SAP for Beginners

Written by:Fernando Ibarra AvilaSr SAP Business Intelligence Associatefavila@comerit.com


In this blog series, we plan on describing some of the technology that we, at Comerit, work on. While we usually work with the IT departments of our clients, we sometimes must discuss the tools and process flows to clients without a technical background. Whether you are business person trying to better understand what your...

Running Tableau on SAP HANA: What you need to know

Posted on September 08, 2017 under SAP HANA, SAP for Beginners, Tableau

Written By: Sameer TorviSAP BW HANA & BI Intern, summer 2017LinkedIn

Customers using SAP HANA often want to get to a point where they have a simplified architecture for visualization and reporting on HANA - specifically with their business users, who want less dependency on developers. Tableau is one of the most sought after ‘Self-service BI’ products on the market and it empowers business users with its...

Intro to SAP BW/4HANA including benefits & new capabilities

Posted on July 26, 2017 under Webinar, SAP HANA, SAP for Beginners

Intro to SAP BW/4HANA Including Benefits & New Capabilities

With Jesper Christensen

In case you missed it, Comerit held our first webinar focused on SAP BW/4HANA this month, which you can check out here. Jesper took attendees through an introduction to this powerful new technology, concluding in a Q&A, re-capped in part below.

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